Initial Code Wiz Words Card Game


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Wiz Words is a phonics card tool aligned with the Sounds-Write Initial Code Scope and Sequence. It aids the early phases of reading and spelling development.

The Wiz Words set includes: 164 Wiz Word Cards, 2 Write and Wipe Cards, 2 Marker Pens, and a Bonus Storage Bag.

‘Using Wiz Words has brought excitement and enjoyment to my intervention students. As a teacher, I can see that Wiz Words, not only engages students, but challenges them – without them even knowing!’ – Violet, Tutor

‘Wiz Words is the first thing my students ask for in the classroom. Paired work and small groups can use up to 3 sets of cards and enjoy reading, writing and spelling. Using the cards as prompts for Silly Sentences really helps the reluctant writer.’ – Nicole, Teacher
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